The 5th International Conference on Modern Machinery Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (IC4ME 2020)
Organising Commitee
Prof. Francisco M. Márquez-Linares, Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico
Research Area: Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Hydrogen, Carbon nanotubes, Graphene, Drugs carriers, Catalysis.
Prof. John Mo, RMIT University, Australia
Reserch project: Systems Support Engineering, Diamond Tool Manufacture, National EPC Network Demonstrator Business Information Integration, Optimisation of Titanium machining for aerospace industry, Quantitative investigation of the impact of renewab
A. Professor Francis Eng Hock Tay, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Reserch Area: MEMS, biotechnology, nanotechnology, wearable devices, fall onset detection, vital signs monitoring, body sensor network, rehabilitation, and scoliosis
Prof. Husaini, M.Eng, University of Syiah Kuala, Indonesia
Research Area: Fracture Mechanics and Strength of Materials, Failure Analysis, Computational Mechanics
Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), India
Research Area: Solid Mechanics, Elasticity, Seismology
Dr. Guijun Bi, Joining Technology Group, SIMTech
Reserch Area: Laser aided additive manufacturing (LAAM) for surface modification, remanufacturing and 3D printing, Development of new materials using additive manufacturing technologies, Hybrid technologies combined additive and subtractive manufac
Dr. Ramdziah Md. Nasir, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Reserch area: Material characterization, Polymers, Advanced materials, Materials processing, Material characteristics