The 5th International Conference on Modern Machinery Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (IC4ME 2020)
Dr. Guijun Bi, Joining Technology Group, SIMTech

Dr. Guijun Bi, Joining Technology Group, SIMTech

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Reserch Area:

Laser aided additive manufacturing (LAAM) for surface modification, remanufacturing and 3D printing, Development of new materials using additive manufacturing technologies, Hybrid technologies combined additive and subtractive manufac

Research Expeience:

Dr Bi is a Senior Scientist, Team Lead of Metal Joining and Group head of Joining Technology Group at Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). He received his PhD in 2004 from Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, RWTH- Aachen University. The research topic was Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing and process monitoring & control. Since September 2004, he worked as a research fellow at Rolls- Royce Technology Centre in the Nottingham University, UK. The research focused on the processing of high-temperature Nickel and Titanium alloys with laser, Rapid manufacturing of aero-engine components and system development. His research area are system and process development of laser aided additive manufacturing and the applications in aerospace, marine, oil & gas, medtech and precision engineering. He has authored and co-authored more than thirty journal papers. He also holds several patents and technology disclosures related metal joining technologies.